Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Finally, Bathroom pics!

So I was waiting until Shane & Mandy came to visit before posting pics of our new bathroom. They came to visit a couple weekends ago, and I've been a bit lazy about blogging, but the time is finally here! This is a "before" picture - the bathroom was HIDEOUS. Note that this picture was actually taken before we moved into the house, so the Yankee stuff belongs to the previous owners. It was their 9 year old boy's bathroom.

After a LOT of hard work by Scott, our guest bathroom is now gorgeous. At least in my opinion! We put in heated natural stone tile floors, a new vanity, new toilet, new mirror and all new fixtures. Also, a new shower head (one of those "rain" shower heads). We also painted the walls a steel blue color and put in recessed lighting. The accessories are from West Elm, the vanity and toilet are from Lowe's, and the tile is from The Tile Shop.Here's a close up of the vanity/mirror/light fixture.

And this is the beauti-mous floor!


  1. I love this bathroom! I don't think I have been to West Elm before - we will have to go next time we come up :) It is a pretty slate blue color. I am sure you guys love it!

  2. Your bathroom is awesome. You can come to our house and do ours. LOL