Monday, June 30, 2008

One Whole Year!

So its been a while since I’ve blogged – things have been quite busy! This past weekend was our 1-year anniversary – I can’t believe it’s already been a year! We had such a wonderful weekend. On Saturday afternoon, we left the house around 3 pm and made a quick stop at the Shoe Carnival before we headed over to Ray’s Italian Ice for some Rockets. If you’ve never had one, they are great – it’s vanilla custard layered with any flavor Italian ice (cherry is the best). We enjoyed our rockets, then drove over to the Virginia Crossings Resort where we had booked their Romance Package for the night.

We checked in at 4 pm, changed into our bathing suits, and headed to the pool. It felt so good – it was the first time I’ve been swimming this year, and it was very refreshing. We headed back to the room a little later to shower and get ready for dinner that night. We dressed up for the occasion. We got ready a little early, so we decided to take a walk and take some pictures. I’ll have to post a few when I get home. The resort was gorgeous, so we got some really good shots. Dinner was buffet style – crab legs, shrimp, London broil, herb-roasted chicken, vegetables, salad, etc. It was great.

After dinner, we went back to the room to relax. Our romance package included a turn-down service, so when we got to the room, they had left us a bottle of champagne on ice, chocolate covered strawberries, robes were laid out on the bed with truffles on top. We changed into our fluffy white robes and enjoyed our champagne and strawberries while watching movies. It was such a great night, we felt so pampered.

The following morning, we were treated to “breakfast in bed”: Belgium waffles, a fruit plate, bacon, orange juice (mimosas, actually, because we still had champagne left), and coffee. It was delicious. We finished breakfast and decided to pack up and head back home to exchange gifts.

I had registered Scott for a car show in Myrtle Beach in October. For his gift, I printed out the information and made a scrapbook page about the event for him (the traditional gift for 1-year anniversary is paper). He was very excited about the trip! I can’t wait to go myself, because it’s been forever since I went to Myrtle Beach. For my gift, he gave me a scrapbook rolling storage case (also to go along with the “paper” theme). I love it! I can’t wait till the next scrapbook crop, so I can use it.

We spent the rest of the afternoon doing some shopping for our trip to California. Scott was in desperate need of new clothes. Speaking of the trip, we leave on THURSDAY! I cannot wait, it’s going to be a fun time. I’ve planned out our itineraries and everything, and I think we will enjoy it. Hopefully it will not be too hot in L.A., or too cold in San Francisco. I have to start packing tonight so I will not be too stressed out on Wednesday. Yay for California!

By the way, my CT Scan results came back normal, so that was good. And I've also made progress on my Europe scrapbook - finished London and Brussels, and next will work on Paris. Hopefully I can plan a scrapbook weekend when I get back from Cali :-)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Bummed Out

I was so extremely excited about my scrapbooking crop this weekend. It was an all-night crop, from 7pm to 7am, and while I don't know that I would have lasted all night, I DO know that I would have gotten a TON of scrapbooking done. I really, really wanted to do my Europe scrapbook. I say "wanted" because the crop was cancelled. I am so bummed. Now I have to scrapbook by myself, which is no fun at all. On top of all this, I realized last night that I have done my honeymoon pictures TWICE. I've been working on my honeymoon pictures, only to realize last night that I had already done them a few months ago! How do you forget something like that? Such an idiot.

I go today to get the results from my CT scan, so I'm leaving work at 10:00 am. Last night, I started getting symptoms again of a UTI, so I took one of the antibiotic pills that the doc gave me. It said to take with food and drink plenty of water, so I took it with my dinner (a chicken salad wrap) and drank an entire bottle of water. At 1:30 in the morning, I woke up dehydrated and nauseous. What the crap? I was up until probably 3 am or later using all the will power in my being to not throw up. It worked, and I didn't throw up, but I did fall asleep with a trashcan beside me and a wet cloth on my head. I'm going to ask if maybe that medicine is too strong for me - I'm really sensitive to medicine.

At 7 am this morning, the local radio station called me to discuss cereal milk. If this seems random, it's because it is. You see, we were discussing this on Sway, and I thought it would be a great topic for the morning show. So I emailed them and suggested it as a topic of discussion, and they decided it would be a great idea to call me and talk about it. I think drinking the milk after you are done with a bowl of cereal is absolutely disgusting. Its luke warm, for one thing, and its got floating pieces of soggy cereal in it. EWW. Plus, its used. It's used milk, not clean milk. And I don't even like milk anyway.

Thursday, June 12, 2008


When I was in college, Nannie wrote to me every week. "Dear Angel, Just a note to let you know we are thinking of you as always...." That is how each letter started. And they always ended with "G.I.W.O.Y." ("God Is Watching Over You"). It cracked me up that she used an acronym, because it seemed like something people MY age did, not people her age. She always told me before I left for college, "I'm going to write you every week, and you don't have to write back because you will be busy with your studies." I still have every letter and card she sent me, including the cutouts of angels she put in each one, and I put them in chronological order after she passed away. She never missed a week until perhaps my senior year when she started showing signs of dementia. When she passed away last fall, my biggest regret was that I never wrote her back. Would it really have been that hard? Was I really too busy? No, I was just young and selfish.

Last night, I called Linette to see how she was doing. I hardly ever call her, but I really enjoyed talking to her. She got to talking about Nannie & Papa, when they started dating, and how Papa wrote Nannie letters when he was in the service. She said they were all in a cedar chest at the house. Then she told me she went through some of Nannies things, and that there was a letter from me in there. "A letter from me? When did I write it?" I asked her. She said, "When you were in college." This was music to my ears. I wrote Nannie back! It may have been just one time, which is not nearly enough, but at least I wrote her back. Thank goodness. In four years, all I could muster was one measly letter, but one letter is better than no letter. She kept it and it must have meant a lot to her. I'd love to see it, because I wonder what I wrote about.

I have my CT Scan today at 1:30. I'm not allowed to eat anything - just clear liquids. I'm going to be starving. And I'm supposed to drink 24 oz by 12:30 today. That's going to be difficult. I've had a thing of Jello and some of a bottle of Sprite. I need to go get a bottle of water and try to down that. I'll be glad with this thing is over.

Laura & Bryan will be coming over for dinner tonight. We are going to cook out on the grill. Should be a fun time - we don't spend as much time with them as we'd like.

Monday, June 9, 2008


Wow, has it been hot. I think the average “high” temperature since Friday has been 102 degrees, and its humid on top of that.

I spent Friday morning at my doctor’s office, then Friday afternoon at the Urologist’s office. There was speculation that I may have (or had) a kidney stone, but the Urologist did an X-ray and didn’t see one. He said that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have one, but he thinks it was just an infection that got out of control. Nonetheless, he wants to do a CT Scan on my kidneys this Thursday. Wonderful.

The good news is that I’m feeling better, AND I’ve lost weight. I think about 5 lbs. My pants were big on me this morning, which was extremely exciting. So, at least one good thing has come out of all this. Ha!

Mandy and I got a lot of scrapbooking done this weekend, and it was a great weekend for it, due to the heat. I finished up my pages for the cookout, the car show, and engagement pictures. So now I still have to finish the honeymoon (which I’ve already started), bridal showers, and then I can move on to Europe.

Shane, Rory, Mandy, Scott and I all went to dinner at Firebird’s on Saturday night. It was crazy hot in that restaurant, but the food was amazing. One of the best steaks I’ve had. It was a filet mignon wrapped in bacon, and topped with blue cheese and sautéed mushrooms. YUMMY!

On Sunday, Scott did some insulation on the open spaces above the garage, and I did a few more scrapbook pages. We went to a couple stores that afternoon, but it was too hot to even shop, so we went back home to take it easy. I got a few things together for the Yard Sale this coming weekend (thankfully, its only going to be in the 80’s and not the 100’s).

That about sums up my weekend. Hopefully this week is uneventful – or at least free of sickness.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

"24 hours won't make a difference, anyway""

So for the past 3-4 weeks, I've had an apparent constant bladder infection, with symptoms coming and going. The symptoms came back in full force yesterday. I called my doctor's office and asked for an appointment, and the nurse (Jenny) told me they could not fit me in until the next day at 11 (today). I told her that I was concerned about getting a kidney infection, because I am prone to those, and wondered if my doctor could call in a prescription for antibiotics to hold me over until my appointment. She said he would not do that, and that "24 hours isn't going to make a difference anyway". So I asked if she could leave a message for him to call me, and she told me they were very busy and he did not have time. At this point, I was very upset with her - she wasn't taking me seriously - and so I told her that I would have to go to Patient First (this is one of those medical centers that are open 365 days a year, and open until late at night) because I did not feel that I should wait and risk a kidney infection. She said "that's up to you if you feel you need to do that." I knew that my doctor would be upset if he knew how she was treating me, but she wouldn't let me talk to him. Frustrated, I hung up with her and left work early to go to Patient First. I know my body, and I knew the bladder infection had gone on for far too long.

They tested my urine and prescribed me an antibiotic. I went home and took the first pill and started cooking dinner. Before I was finished cooking, I started getting back pain and started feeling sick. Know what that means? A kidney infection! WONDERFUL. So I called Patient First and they told me to come right back and they would check me in and have me seen right away. They gave me a shot in my hip (ouch, by the way) and told me to complete the medication they had already prescribed, drink lots of fluids, and keep them updated on how I was doing. I was very impressed with their service, to be honest.

So this morning, I could not WAIT to call little Miss Jenny at my doctor's office, and let her know that 24 hours most certainly does make a difference. She had the nerve to say "Well I am so glad you got that taken care of, Ms. Tindall". I told her that I didn't see a reason for me to come into the office, but that I would like to speak with my doctor, and if that meant I had to come in and pay a $15 co-pay just to speak to him for 5 minutes, I would do it. She said she'd have him call me. LOL. So when my doctor called, he had already heard a little bit about what had happened, but definitely not the whole story - all he knew was that I had gone to Patient First and that it turned out to be a kidney infection. When I told him the whole story, he was very upset - he never got the message that I asked for him to call me, and he said that their policy is to always fit in a patient with a bladder infection the same day. What he was most upset about was that I was forced to go to Patient First for treatment, and had even told Jenny that I was going there. Let's just say that girl was in so much trouble.

So that was a long story, but the good news is that I'm doing a bit better. For those who aren't familiar with kidney infections, they are very serious. I had to be hospitalized multiple times when I was a kid for kidney infections, so its not something I take lightly. I'm sure the next time I call my doctor's office, I will get better treatment!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This and That

So I added a picture to my blog, in case you guys don't know what I look like. I'm not sure who would be reading my blog that doesn't know what I look like, but whatever.

We FINALLY got the rosebushes planted in the back - I have 3 of them now. One is called "Sexy Rexy" and the other two are "Pretty Lady". The "Pretty Ladies" just started blooming this week - they are so pretty. My mom gave me a Begonia hanging plant that is red - we put it on our back deck, and it looks really nice.

I am hoping I will be able to go to the scrapbooking crop this Friday night. I have SO MUCH scrapbooking to do! I have to finish the Cookout pages, then I need to go back and finish our honeymoon, do my showers (3 of them), and then jump WAY back to finally do my Europe one. Once I get those done, I will be mostly caught up. I'd like to catch up before we take our trip to California, because that will be another one I'll have to do! And, I'll want to do at least 1 page for our 1-year anniversary.

That reminds me - we need some cake to eat. We forgot to freeze ours, and it went bad. Too bad the cake-maker is in Lynchburg...hmmm. She still owes me a square wedding cake.

So I have a Yard Sale coming up on June 14th - I am going to go with my friend from work to her church out in West Point. I'm excited, because we have a bunch of stuff to get rid of! I need to start getting everything together.

Other than that, the month of June is looking pretty free. It's exciting to have free time to fill.

Monday, June 2, 2008


We had the dedication for my grandparents on Saturday afternoon. It was really nice - my dad had planned out how each of the grandchildren would participate. Amy and Leah would water Nannie's tree, and I would place the dedication plaque in front of it. Shane & Rory would raise the flag for Papa, and Damous would place the plaque in front of the flagpole. Scotty said a prayer, and he and Linette said a few words about Nannie and Papa. After the dedication, Amy & Buzzy pulled me aside and gave me a gift from Nannie - one of her diamond rings. Buzzy says that Nannie talked a long time ago about Amy and I having her diamonds. I'm so pleased to have it, and I plan to go today to the jeweler to have them clean and resize if for me. I wish I knew the story behind it - was it her engagement ring? Did she inherit it from someone else? It's a beautiful ring, and I'm ecstatic that Nannie wanted me to have it.

After the dedication, we ate and played Badmitton and Ladderball. Such fun! Then, later that night, Mandy and I did some scrapbooking. I did a few pages from the cookout, and also one for Scott's birthday. I am hoping that Mandy and Shane will be able to come up this weekend to visit so that Mandy and I can do more scrapbooking. There is a crop at the Memories Galore store that I'd like to go to. I ordered pictures from Snapfish last night to use this coming weekend.

That reminds me - for anyone who orders pictures from Snapfish, you simply MUST sign up for Ebates! Ebates is a cash-back site, its completely free, and totally legitimate. The way it works is whenever you intend to make an online purchase, you go to and look for a referral link to the store you are purchasing from (Snapfish is a great example, but they have hundreds of other online stores, like Target, Sears, etc.) If you use the referral link from Ebates for Snapfish, you get 10% cash back. That's a big discount! Every 3 months, Ebates sends you a check for the cashback you have received. I've so far earned $86 cashback. I used Ebates when I ordered our dining room furniture from Target (got $30 cashback!), and also when I ordered Scott's birthday gift from Sears (I got him a table saw, and ordered it online using the Ebates referral link, then chose "in-store pickup" instead of shipping). Its really quite awesome. If you are interested in signing up, I'd appreciate if you used my referral so I get credit for referring you - just click on one of the links in pink above. Right now, you get $10 just for signing up!