Tuesday, August 26, 2008

I love yard sales

I forgot to write about my exciting yard sale finds this past weekend. I actually hadn't planned on going to yard sales. I woke up around 7:30, got dressed, and headed to the gym. When I got there, I was disappointed to find that he gym didn't open until 9 am - all that effort to get up early for nothing! So to kill time, I drove around looking for yard sales.

My first big find was an HP Photosmart printer for only 5 bucks! I was extremely excited about this, because its a great thing to have for scrapbooking, especially when you have just a few pictures for a couple pages and you don't want to order just a couple pictures. Or if you need to reprint a picture because you screwed it up whilst scrapbooking. My next find was a brand new ink cartridge for my regular printer at home for just a dollar. Those things cost between $25 and $30, so that was quite the exciting find.

After yard-saling, I went back to the gym. They were having an Open House with food and games. For every game you won, you put your name in a jar for a drawing. I only won 1 game while working out, and I found out yesterday that I won a potted plant (gerber daisies) in the drawing. Yay!

Scott started working on the recessed lighting in the bathroom last night. Everything is starting to come together now, which is very exciting. I feel certain we will finish this weekend, as long as there are no complications with the recessed lighting. Keeping my fingers crossed :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Don't mash the bread!

I remember going to the grocery store when I was a kid with my dad, and I can always remember him saying "Don't mash the bread!" I always thought it was silly, and would tell him "It will still taste the same." Now, as an adult, if there is one thing I cannot stand, its for my bread to get mashed before I get home from the grocery store. I've gotten into the habit of just taking it after they scan it, and carrying it to the car myself. I even put it in the front seat with me so nothing falls on it when I make a turn. Well, yesterday, I wasn't paying attention and the bread made it to the bagger before I could get it. I thought I'd give her a chance and let her bag it for me. When I got to the car, I realized she had place a 12-pack of soda ON TOP OF THE BREAD! I was absolutely LIVID. Never again will the bagger get their hands on my bread. Eejits. "Mashed Bread" is now at the top of my list of Pet Peeves to the right.

So its been a while since I've written. I figured after the novelty of a blog wore off, my posts would become more irregular. But I'm still determined to keep this blog going!

This past weekend, Shannon and Eric came to visit with baby Connor. He's still so tiny! I was nervous holding him because he's so small, and realized that it must take some practice to become comfortable enough to multi-task whilst holding a newborn baby. I couldn't even open the door, because holding him took two hands for me (despite how small he is). Meanwhile, Shannon was doing about 10 things at once and holding him at the same time. I guess that comes with practice. One thing I realized after spending a full day with them was that when you have a baby, your every move revolves around the baby. Every single thing you do depends on when the baby needs to eat, does the baby need a diaper change, etc. Connor has to eat every 3 hours, and it takes about an hour to feed and change him. So they get 2 hour intervals to do other things. It's crazy!

Scott finished grouting the floor last night! So now, he just has to seal it and then we can put in the new vanity, toilet, light fixtures, etc. He's also going to put in some recessed lighting as well. The floor looks awesome! I cannot wait for everyone to see it once its done.

Scott's brother Rob, and his wife Jeanine, decided to start an Alpaca Farm. Jeanine just launched their new website, www.goldenstarfarm.com. You can see some pictures of their alpacas on there - they are so cute! Check it out if you get a chance.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You cut me deep, Doc. You cut me real deep...

So last week I had to go back to the dermatologist because I'd noticed a new spot on my arm. Turns out that it wasn't skin cancer (thank goodness), but there were "atypical cells" present, and they decided to remove it anyway. I already had an appointment with the skin surgeon on Friday to have laser scar treatment on my chest, so they said they could do my arm as well. I thought they would just have to cut out a little extra and stick a bandaid over it. Oh no. I have about a 2-inch gash on my arm now where he cut out an apparent humungous chunk of skin, then sewed it back up. I cannot see why that was necessary, but he's a well-reputed doctor, so I guess he knows what he's doing. If it weren't so gross-looking, I would post a picture. Scott can't even look at it without getting light-headed. Once he finished on my arm, he was supposed to do the laser on my chest. He took a look at it and decided to "change direction" and cut me open again and sew me back up. So I left his office 2 1/2 hrs later with a gashed arm and a cut-up chest, knowing that when the anesthesia wore off, I would be in too much pain to do anything. My weekend was shot. So much for helping Scott with the bathroom!

Friday night and Saturday morning were the worst, as far as pain goes. By Saturday afternoon, my chest didn't hurt too much, and by Sunday, the pain in my arm was almost gone as well. As long as I don't move the wrong way, I don't even notice the wounds anymore. I'm a little concerned about the one on my chest, though, becuase it doesn't look right to me. It looks like it could either be infected, or maybe the stitches came a loose. I can't tell, but I left a message with the nurse to call me about it.

So, Scott finished putting the tile in the bathroom! He still has to grout, but we are going to paint before we do that because we feel like we should have a full day to work on the grout. Maybe we will do that on Sunday when we get back from Lynchburg.

We're heading to Lynchburg this weekend for Mandy's birthday. I'm excited, because I feel like its been AGES since I've been home to visit. I think the last time I went home may have been back in May, but I'm not sure. Scott is going to take a half-day off on Friday, so we will head down in the afternoon and try to get there a little early. Mandy's birthday dinner is Friday night. On Saturday, we are having lunch at her and Shane's house to discuss a family vacation for next year. I love planning a vacation! Scott and I plan to go to Disney sometime in February, but we aren't sure how much we want to spend. I really wanted to stay at the Animal Kingdom resort, but its a bit expensive, so we may go another route.

We haven't made any plans yet for Labor Day Weekend. Wonder what everyone is doing?

Thursday, August 7, 2008


My absolute favorite tv show this summer has been Wipeout, and I just heard the excellent news that its been renewed for a 2nd season. If you haven't seen it, you must give it a shot (Tuesday nights at 8 on ABC). If you don't find yourself laughing hysterically by the end of the episode, you simply are not human. It is, no doubt, the dumbest and most mindless show on television right now, but it is also the most entertaining. The show starts out with 24 contestants who must qualify by making good time on a water obstacle course, The Qualifier, which includes obstacles such as the Sucker Punch and the Big Balls. The top twelve qualifiers will go on to compete in The Sweeper. On The Sweeper, the contestants stand on 10-ft pedestals, all in a circle, and a huge "sweeper" bar comes around to try to knock them off. They must jump over the sweeper bar and land back on the pedestal. If they fall in the water, they are eliminated. The Sweeper bar gets faster and higher each time it goes around. The top 6 contestants will move on to Round 3, which will either be the Dizzy Dummy or the Dreadmill. The final four contestants go on the the Wipeout Zone, which is the final obstacle course. The best time wins. Watch it. You will laugh....a lot.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Bathroom!

Well what a weekend we had. (<-- Alliteration!)

On Friday afternoon, as planned, I had lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe. My favorite lunch is the Shi-Crab Soup and the Chicken & Strawberries salad. YUMMY. After eating, I spent a fortune on bras at Nordstrom, because they are one of the few places that actually carry my size. I spent a fortune, but I do consider it an investment. I bought a strapless ($69) and a sports bra ($54), both of which I really needed, and both of which actually fit me. After shopping, I went to get my nails done and thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure. I needed it badly.

We had dinner at the Manakin Grill with Steve & Phu on Friday night. It was really nice (and a bit expensive, to be honest), but it was nice to go out on a "double date". After dinner, they came back to our place and we showed them our California pictures and gave them a "thank-you" gift for taking care of our house and Simba while we were gone.

Speaking of Simba, at his vet appointment last week, the doctor prescribed him a new kind of food, which is hypoallergenic. The first night we gave it to him, which was Wednesday night, he ate the whole bowl of it. After that, he refused to touch it, or even go near it. We thought he might be sick, so we gave him some of his old food just to make sure he would eat. He had no problem eating that, it was just the new food he didn't want. We called the vet on Friday morning, and she said Simba was probably holding out to see if something better would come along, and that cats rarely starve themselves, so we should let him go through the weekend and see if he would eat it. Well, by Monday morning, he hadn't eaten anything since Thursday night. Scott and I felt so bad for him. I called the vet again and they said they had another food we could try. I wasn't able to go yesterday, so I left the house early this morning, went to the vet and exchanged the food, and took it back to the house. Simba ate it right up! I'm hoping he will continue to eat this food.

So back to the weekend....on Saturday morning, Scott and I went to the Ferguson Kitchen & Bath showroom. We wanted to remodel the guest bathroom. They had some really awesome stuff in there! We found a couple things we liked, and decided to leave there and go to the Tile Shop. We found some really nice natural stone tile called Bucak Medley and decided to go ahead and get it. We got home, and completely gutted the guest bathroom (with the exception of the tub)! Scott spent the rest of the weekend cutting tile (he rented a tile saw from Sunbelt). We decided that instead of putting the tile in square, we would put it in on an angle, as it makes the room look bigger. This made the tile cutting all the more complicated, so it has taken a little longer than we'd hoped. But I think we can finish the room this weekend. The color theme will be chocolate brown and steel blue. I can't wait to do the painting. We still have to pick out a vanity, a new toilet, and a light fixture. Then all the small accessories. It's going to be REALLY nice by the time we are done, though.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Yay for Friday

TGIF. I have an appointment this afternoon for a manicure, pedicure and eyebrow waxing. I can't wait - I hate getting my fingernails done (I have acrylic) but I love me a pedicure. I think I'll head over to the mall for lunch and shopping before I go to my appointment at 2:00. I like getting lunch at Nordstrom Cafe on Fridays.

I forgot to write about Simba's vet appointment yesterday. It went very well, and reassured us that we did the right thing by bringing him to a new vet. The doctor put him on hypoallergenic food (which he refuses to eat, and it was very expensive...but the doc said we can take it back if he won't eat it). He gave him a shot of depo, and we need to take him back in 3 weeks so the doctor can look at him again.

Still hoping we will start working on the guest bathroom this weekend, but Scott seems to have lost his motivation. So we'll see!