Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas Party #1

My company's Christmas party is tonight at the Dominion Club, which is the country club in my neighborhood. It's quite convenient! I'm somewhat looking forward to it - I think I will feel more comfortable this year, since I've gotten to know so many people over the past year in my new position. I was able to find a cute dress that is actually flattering on me (i.e. not tight in the waist) at Dillard's this week. It shouldn't be too bad. We plan to get there early this year (last year we didn't get there until 9:00 pm) to get food, and if its boring, go home.

The one I am dreading is Scott's party next Saturday. Everything about it is dreadful: I don't know anyone, it's downtown, it's late at night....ugh. Plus, I feel the need to make a good impression on these people because I'm his wife and this will be the first time most of them are meeting me. I hate small talk, I'm terrible at it.

The one I'm most looking forward to is my family Christmas party! It's on the 20th (2 weeks from tomorrow), and its the start of a 2 week (minus one day) vacation for me. So I cannot wait. Plus, I love the Christmas party. It's the one day out of the year where all the family gets together to catch up. I just love that.


  1. Apparently our company Christmas party is cancelled... though there's been no official annoucement. Just as well. The economy sucks and no one's in the mood to go, anyway.

    Hope yours isn't boring... haha

  2. I hope both of your Christmas parties went well.