Thursday, February 5, 2009

Wow.....its been a while

OK, so I apologize profusely for not posting a new blog in....well, 2 months. To anyone who is actually still visiting my blog, thank you!

I have good reason to blog today. I want to spread the word (again) about Jennifer Valent's new book, Fireflies in December. If you haven't already heard me talking about it, you probably haven't been listening to me. The book is fantastic so far. GO BUY IT. I might be able to get it signed for you :-).

Not much is going on. I've had the January blues, and February seems to be a bit brighter - literally. Each day, the sun is up for a moment longer and its a bit brighter when I get home from work. I cannot wait for Spring to be here.

Keeping me busy this winter has been the trusty Wii that Scott got me for Christmas. LOVE IT. The best games I have are Mario Kart, Guitar Hero: World Tour, Outdoor Challenge, Wii Fit, and I'm currently renting Harvest Moon. The latter just came in the mail yesterday from Gamefly (a game rental site which I'm not sure that I recommend, at this point) and I'm addicted already.

Eric & Shannon are visiting this weekend, and we are excited to see them. My goal this year is to do a better job of keeping in touch with my friends, so expect facebook messages and emails asking when you have a free weekend to hang out :).

I better sign off - its almost time to go. Tomorrow is Friday. WOO!


  1. I still read you. :) I'll be so happy when it is spring.

  2. I am glad you are blogging again...I have missed it :)