Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Allergic Reaction

So it turns out that the skin rash I developed was caused by the medicine they gave me for my bladder infection, not a sun-allergy. After 3 days of being broken out, I finally put two-and-two together, and looked at the bottle of medicine to see side effects. It said if you break out in a skin rash, to call the doctor. Unfortunately, it was Friday night, so I had to call the "On-Call" doctor. He told me to hold off on the medicine, and that the first dose probably killed the infection anyway. As soon as I stopped taking it, I stopped breaking out. Whaddya know?

We booked a room for the weekend of our anniversary at the Virginia Crossings Resort (YAY!). We got the "Romance Package", which includes chocolate dipped strawberries, champagne, dinner for 2, breakfast in bed, and a late checkout. I'm quite excited! The resort is not far from where we live - maybe about 15 minutes - so we will need to find some other things to do around town that weekend. I love wineries, so we may hit one or two of those. They have a pool, golf, and a few other things to do at the resort as well. There is also King's Dominion, but I'm not a roller-coaster rider, and I think its kind of a crappy theme park anyway. Besides, it will be hot and crowded.

I must start making plans for our trip to Cali in July. My responsibility is to schedule our days in Los Angeles. I've printed some "suggested itineraries" from Frommers, but I haven't taken the time to sit down and plan everything out. The trip to Cali is the weekend after our anniversary, so its going to be a busy time for us. If anyone has suggestions, let me know.

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