Friday, February 27, 2009

Yay for Friday!

Finally, it's Friday again! Hallelujah.

Shane and Mandy are coming to visit this weekend. It's the first time they have been up this year, I think, so we are excited to have them. I'm sure we will do plenty of shopping while they are here, and perhaps play some Wii :-).

Earlier this week, I was in Blacksburg to do a career fair at VT. It was so fun to go back - it always feels like I never left, except that I feel older and wonder if the students are looking at me, thinking "Why are you here?" Obviously they aren't - for all they know, I'm a grad student (or do I still look young enough to pass for undergrad? hmm...). I got to visit some old coworkers, it is always nice to see them. The fair itself was rather boring, and talking to some of the students is just so awkward. They don't have a clue, don't know what to ask, don't have answers to questions. I swear its amazing I didn't have 100 job offers in college, because I know I was more impressive than any of the students I spoke with at that fair. Not to be egotistical or anything. LOL.

Tomorrow is the last day of February, and then we are finally into March. March gives me hope for warmer, sunnier days. And yard sales! Ya'll know I've missed my yard sales. I looked to see if there were any this weekend, but there were none nearby. Maybe next weekend! The only thing I have near my actually IS next weekend, but its a "Baby Clothing and Toy Consignment" sale at a church. Not anything I need!

Today is going to be warm - in the upper 60's. Combined with the fact that its a Friday, that's the perfect day to me. I hear it may rain, so that could literally put a damper on things, but that's ok. I'll just read Twilight in our new "Reading Room". We got 2 leather chairs for the front room of our house, and I've designated that the Reading Room. Maybe once we put in bookshelves and such, I'll call it the Library. How fancy.


  1. I really like your new look of the blog. I need to start blogging again...maybe I will do it faithfully in a month or so...

  2. I wonder how I didn't have a job right after college myself. I was so sure of myself (even if that's not what I wound up doing, but whatever). And there are people I graduated with who are still clueless. hrm.

    We stuck some bookshelves in a room and dubbed it a "library." It really shouldn't count... but I like saying we have a library (even if my bedroom contains more books).