Friday, September 12, 2008

I Hate Fall

It always surprises me when someone tells me that Fall is their favorite season. WHY? I can only think of 3 good things about the Fall: new TV, pretty leaves, and college football. Everything else about the Fall sucks. For example:

* Its getting colder
* The days are getting shorter
* Soon it will be dark when I wake up and dark when I get home from work
* Kids are back in school and traffic is terrible
* The weather gets dry and my lips get chapped
* My hair is staticky (<--is that a word?)
* All the flowers die
* My windshield will be foggy in the morning
* I'll have to wear socks

I could keep going, but I think that's enough. I hate Fall ALMOST as much as I hate Winter. Nonetheless, I will try to enjoy it. I will try to be positive and enjoy the pretty leaves and the cooler temperatures and all those other things you Fall-lovers rave about. I'll put out pumpkins and hay and mums, and be excited. Because I'm a positive person. But deep down, all that's really happening is that I'm dreading Winter's ugly arrival.

I want to move to Hawaii.


  1. I don't mind fall right now. As in, I get to wear a hoodie/jacket on my way to work, but it's still 70 degrees in the middle of the day. It works for me. But give me a couple weeks... and I'll already be waiting for July to roll around.

  2. I loved fall in Pennsylvania, because I loved how the mountains looked.

    Here I absolutely hate it. It rains constantly and the windstorms are horrible.

  3. I LOVE FALL! It is my favorite season, but I also wouldn't mind moving to hawaii either...that's the ultimate life!