Sunday, November 2, 2008

My First Political Event

Rory and I went to Deep Run Highschool last night to see Sarah Palin at the "Rally for Victory", her last appearance in Virginia. The highschool is about 2 miles from our house, so I couldn't justify missing it. We got there about 6:30 or so - we didn't realize that it was going to be an outdoor event (fortunately I took my coat), nor did we know we would have to stand (I was wearing heel boots). We got a good location in the crowd, pretty close to the stage.

They had music playing while we were waiting. It seemed like forever before anyone came on stage to talk - it was maybe after 8:00 before the music finally stopped and the first speaker came on. We saw a ton of Virginia polititicans (republican ones, of course). I know Jim Kilgore was there, but I can't remember all the rest. A lot of them were former politicians. We expected, after all these people came on stage to talk, that Sarah Palin would be right behind them. There must have been 5 or 6 people that made speeches, and after they were done, instead of announcing Sarah Palin, the music came back on! It was maybe 8:30 at this point, and we'd been there for 2 hours. We thought, OK well I guess its going to be another 15 minutes or so. I joked with Rory that her flight probably hadn't landed yet. At around 9:00 pm, they announced that Sarah was "on her way". So I joked with Rory again that her flight had probably just landed. By 9:45, I realized that I shouldn't joke, because it was obviously true! She finally showed up sometime after 10:00 pm. Here are a couple of the best pics of her.

We also took some video. The first one is Sarah recognizing the veterens in the crowd.

The second video is Sarah talking about Energy, and keeping Virginia Red.

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  1. I've never been to a political event myself. We're your back and feet killing you by the time it was over, since you were wearing high heel boots?