Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yay Thanksgiving!

I'm quite excited to have a long weekend for Thanksgiving. I'm hoping they let us go early tomorrow - I know everyone is expecting it. I could really use the time off so I can make cherry pie (completely from scratch, mind you) tomorrow night for Thanksgiving. I'm also going to make some cranberry orange bread. I have so many things to do before tomorrow night!

We still haven't put ornaments on the tree - not a big deal, I love it with just the lights. We were going to do it last night, but Scott wasn't feeling well and he needed to do some work from home. We might have to wait until the weekend if we don't get it done tonight.

We started the Nielson Ratings booklets last Thursday and we go through tomorrow night. It's really fun, but it can get annoying having to write down every single thing you watch on tv. You even have to write down if the tv is on, and nobody's watching it!

Well, so much to do in the next couple days. Hopefully I can get it all done. Leaving work an hour earlier this week will certainly help.

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  1. Our family did the Nielson Ratings a lot of times too. It was always my mom and I writing the crap down. LOL

    Hope you get to get your ornaments on the tree, and good luck with the baking.