Monday, September 21, 2009

Field Days of the Past

What a fun weekend! Before I tell you about my weekend, I have to point out my new "Blidget" in the sidebar for my other blog, SightSi. I made it using Widgetbox, and I think its pretty awesome. If you have a blog, and would like to support SightSI by featuring my blidget there, let me know.

Now, back to my fun weekend. On Friday night, Scott and I decided to go out to the mall to do a little shopping. The Maids had come Friday afternoon, and the house was spic-and-span. So we didn't want to dirty up the kitchen by cooking, so we grabbed something to eat while we were out.

On Saturday morning, I went to a few yard sales before Shane & Mandy arrived. They got in about 10:30 or so with Rory, and we all headed over to Field Days of the Past, which is a 3-day festival in Manakin-Sabot. It's the coolest festival I've ever been to, and this was our 2nd year going. The place is enormous - its held on this old farm that's been there for who knows how long. I think the farm itself might have once been a village, but I'm not sure. I should do some research on the history. There is a general store and a mechanics garage that were once in business. During the festival, you can buy glass bottles of coke and penny candy at the general store. They have an old saw mill, a cotton gin, an old tobacco house, a smoke house, steam-powered cranes, and tons of other equipment that is probably over 100 years old. All of the equipment still works, and throughout the day they do shows where you can see it running. They also have tractor pulls, lawnmower racing, equestrian shows, petting zoos, pig races, an antique car show, vendor booths and even carnival rides. I've never been to a festival that had so much to see and do. We had a blast. I'll have to get some pictures from my brother to post.

After the festival, Shane & Rory left for Norfolk to go to a Tommy Emmanuel concert. I think they really enjoyed it. Mandy, Scott and I went back to our house, and our friends Chris & Keri happened to be in town looking for houses and they came by to visit with their little girl Rebecca. They are all moving to Richmond sometime this fall, as Chris got a job with the Federal government. We are really excited about it! Rebecca is such a cutie - she is 3 months old now. She was a little fussy because she was so sleepy and she was fighting it, but I was able to rock her to sleep.We watched some of the VT football game (Go Hokies! They rocked it out at the end) while they were there.

After they left, Mandy and I went to Short Pump to do some shopping. I picked up a new wallet from Fossil, which I absolutely LOVE. I've never had a Fossil wallet, but I might be hooked on them now. It's this really soft leather, and so cute! It is great for the fall.

After shopping, we came back home and ordered pizza and watched tv. On Sunday morning, I fixed Pecan Pumpkin Spice waffles for breakfast. They were SO GOOD. I got the mix at Williams-Sonoma. Mandy and I did some scrapbooking in the morning, and Shane came up about 11:30 or so (he had stayed with Rory - they didn't get in until almost 2AM from the concert). We all went to Trader Joe's, and Shane & Mandy left from there. Rory came up and met Scott and I at Mexico Restaurant for lunch, and I had a chimichanga for the first time. Delicious! Then we went back to our house and sat out on the deck the rest of the afternoon just hanging out. It was a fun weekend.

This coming weekend, we are heading up to NJ to finally meet Benjamin. It should be fun! I think we are also going to try to see Scott's grandmother while we are there, as she hasn't been doing too well recently.

Hope everyone has a great week!

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