Thursday, November 12, 2009

Hemi Engines and Rain Coats

Today, I am thankful for my rain coat. It's been pouring down rain for 2 days now, and it looks like it will continue through tomorrow night. That is a bummer, because I have lunch plans with my friend Keri at the Nordstrom Cafe tomorrow afternoon (She-Crab Soup, anyone? YUM.), and I was hoping to squeeze in some shopping afterward. But our mall is an outdoor mall, and rainy weather is just not conducive to outdoor-mall-shopping.

I am also thankful for my Hemi engine. When I bought my car, my only criteria was that I wanted heated seats. Apparently, in order to get heated seats, you must get the top model vehicle. So my car came with all kinds of bells and whistles, with a Hemi Engine being one of them.  I can never go back! (P.S. I totally bought my car on ebay).

This morning, I was driving along the exit ramp to get on I-295 (in the pouring down rain, mind you), minding my own business, when suddenly a little Mazda Miata starts coming into my lane. I lay down on the horn, he sees me, and KEEPS COMING OVER. I'll be the first one to tell you that I have road rage. Not only did he come into my lane, practically running me off the road (I slammed on the brakes to avoid either hitting his car, or running into the guard rail) but once he was in front of me, he slowed down just to annoy me even further. There is no doubt he did this intentionally because I was still blowing my horn. (Don't cut me off - I will embarrass you by blowing the horn for a solid 20 seconds.)  So we're on the ramp merging onto 295, and he's going maybe 40mph just to irritate me. So at my first opportunity, I get in another lane, hit the gas, and leave him in a trail of dust. Or mud, actually, since it was raining. I love my Hemi.

In other news, it's almost Friday! I'm seriously considering putting up my Christmas decorations this weekend. I know its too early, but we are busy the last 2 weekends of this month, and I want to have them up before December. Besides, I LOVE Christmas decorations, so the longer I get to enjoy them, the better :-).

Unless my husband decides another layer of paint is necessary, I believe we will finish our latest project tonight! So be on the lookout for the big reveal. It's gonna be a good one.


  1. Can't wait to see the makeover!! I bet it will be great! I have some road rage too, some people think they own the roads!

  2. Booo I want rain!!! Its a little cloudy here in San Diego and Im hoping to get a little drizzle!!! We shall see!

  3. Grr to crazy drivers!

    I'll be decorating this weekend too! Not too early, many people on my street already have their lights up. Love Christmas!

    Have fun decorating!!