Monday, November 16, 2009

New Ottoman!

Last night, I was out doing some Christmas shopping. I had stopped by Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up coffee for the Keurig, and I moseyed over to the furniture section to check out their ottomans. Low and behold, they had the PERFECT ottoman for the new library!

It matches our chairs perfectly, plus it has storage! Can't beat that. I was thrilled. It was $59.99, and I had a 20% off coupon, so I got it for about $48. Very exciting!!! It looks great. I'll take a picture tonight.

I can't decide what I want to do next: crown molding, recessed lighting, or hardwood floors? Tell me what you think.


  1. Crown molding first because it's usually the easiest. Then recessed lighting because cutting holes will make a mess and you don't want to mess up your hardwood floor either by getting it scratched with particles or getting dust in the cracks - still usually happens even with a drop cloth. So then take up your carpet last and put in the hardwood floor.

  2. That is a great ottoman! I need one with storage too.

  3. Great find! And extra storage, too?
    Wow, your project list is even more extensive than mine! I agree with the crown first, then the lighting. Save the floors for last.

    Can't wait to see pics!


  4. Cute ottoman, and what a great price :)

  5. ooh I likey! I think you might need two? Love the new name by the way!!