Friday, November 6, 2009

Reasons I Love Friday

Today is Friday! There are so many great things about Friday.
1) It's the start of the weekend.
2) I get to wear jeans to work (which means I can show off my fancy new Steve Madden Amme Sweater boots!)
3) I get off work at 11:30. *neener-neener*
4) The Maids come once a month on a Friday, and they are coming today. SWEET.
5) If The Maids aren't coming, that usually means I get to shop all afternoon!
6) Everyone is in a good mood on Fridays. :-)

Scott and I are so close to finishing our latest project! We've put built-in shelving in our "Formal Living Room", and converted it into a "Library/Study" (because, seriously, who needs a formal living room?). I've also considered calling it "The Parlor" just to be fancy. "Come on in and have a seat in The Parlor. Can I get you a drink?" Although, the words that come to mind when I think of a Parlor are "dark", "smokey", and "British". And none of those describe our new room, so I shall stick with "Library", because I always wanted one.

I debated whether I should blog about our progress as we went, or wait until we were finished to do a big "before & after" reveal, and I decided on the latter.I can't wait to share it! But it will probably be next weekend before I do, because we are going out of town this weekend.

Tonight, we are heading up to NJ to visit Scott's family. We are stopping tonight at Scott's brother's house, then going up to see his mom on Saturday. Her birthday is next week, so we are going to celebrate this weekend. We also hope to visit his grandmother and some other friends and family while we are there.

Happy Friday to everyone! Have a great weekend :)


  1. LOVE those boots! My sister has been searching high and low for a good pair of boots--she's very picky though. The reason she's so picky is because she wants some EXACTLY like Mitchie's on the movie "Camp Rock". Of course, they are ridiculously difficult to come she finally settled for a pair that has faux fur around the edges and small wedge heels...and I must say, they do look extremely cute on her. :)

    Your blog is fantastic! It gives me that "tea party in the sun room" feel. lol! You know what I'm saying? Subscribing! :)

    So excited to see the before and after pics of your living room!


  2. Cute boots! Great work on the bathroom! My husband and I have been doing house projects for so long! We are about to battle the biggest, finishing off the basement so we can have a spare bedroom on the top floor for a baby some day soon! :-) Found you through Chatty Nicoley! So glad I did.