Monday, July 28, 2008


For those of you thinking, "I wonder when Scott and Blakelyn are going to have kids?", I'll just let you know, it's not going to be anytime soon. Don't get me wrong - I love babies. I have always loved babies and the thought of having my own one day is very exciting. But unfortunately babies grow up, and I'm not mentally prepared for kids or teenagers. We do plan to have kids eventually, but we want time to ourselves first. I also have to get over my fear of being pregnant, or more specifically, morning sickness.

Anyway, the reason babies are on the brain is because we had a baby-filled weekend. First, we got to meet Brayden, who is the absolute cutest little thing ever! He's such a happy baby, and has such a good temperament. He gets a little fussy when he's hungry or sleepy, but other than that, he's completely content. He's friendly and outgoing, and quite a flirt! Here's a picture of him and his daddy playing with the new toy we gave him.

On Saturday, we went to visit Eric, Shannon, and little Connor. After seeing Brayden, it was such a surprise to see how small Connor really was - he is absolutely PRECIOUS! He's just so sweet and so tiny and cute as a button. When he cries, he lets out this little sqeak. The blanket we bought for him from Petit Tresor was meant to be a binky blanket, but on Connor it was just the right size to keep him warm. Scott and I were both a little nervous holding him, because he looks so fragile. We stayed with them for a few hours before coming back home. I can't wait to see him again! Below are a few more pictures of him that we took. I will post a separate entry for Day 8 of our trip.

Close up:
Me holding him:

Scott helping Shannon burp him. He opened his eyes and looked up at Scott. So cute.


  1. That is fun that you got to visit with babies all weekend. They are both very cute. I am at home right now watching baby story on TLC and this poor woman is not having any fun! Only 2 hours of sleep each night for the first week!

  2. When I saw my brothers daughter, I was like "Damn she's big". I'm not used to seeing babies over 5 pounds. Cause all mine were 5 pounds and under. Those babies are so cute!!