Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wow, what a trip! It was fantastic. We saw so many amazing things, I’ll never be able to remember to write them all here. I kept a diary while we were on the trip, but since I don’t have it with me, I will have to go by memory to explain what we did each day.

Day 1 – Los Angeles
We arrived in L.A. about 2pm Pacific time. After getting our bags and a rental car, we headed straight to Robertson Blvd. We were able to park right on the street. The first place I wanted to see was The Ivy, because I read every day about one celebrity or another having lunch there. While we didn’t see anyone famous, I did get a picture of me in front of the Ivy, which I think is fabulous. We went into Kitson and I saw some flip flops that cost $125 – for flip flops, people! As we were walking out the door, I noticed they had a pair for only $18, and I vowed to come back and get them. Next stop was Petit Tresor, the baby store where the celebrities always register. We bought a gift for “Baby Brim”, Shannon and Eric’s baby, while we were there.

Next stop was In-N-Out Burger for some lunch/dinner. It was good, but didn’t really live up to the hype. We headed to Rodeo Drive next. All the stores were closed (which was probably a blessing), so we just walked up and down the street and took some pics. We left there and decided to take Mulholland Drive back towards the hotel. We stopped at one place, after the sun had gone down, and you could see all of L.A. lit up at night. It was really cool.

We were a bit jet-lagged, so we couldn’t get to the hotel fast enough. I woke up at 4:30 in the morning, wide awake. Forced myself to sleep until 6:30, then we got up for another day in L.A.

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  1. You guys had a busy first day there. Too bad you didn't get to see any celebrities. Lovely pictures.