Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Day 2

I still haven’t adjusted back to east coast time. I am tired all day, it seems, and then awake at night. I’m trying to get in bed at a decent time, but even if I do, I have a hard time waking up in the morning. Hopefully I can get back on track by the weekend.

We may get to see Eric & Shannon this weekend, which I’m quite excited about as we haven’t seen Shannon since she got pregnant. The baby is due at the end of next month, and they will be so busy after the baby comes that we wanted to see them beforehand. Rodger and Sam are visiting next Friday, so we will get to finally see Brayden. He’s already 5 months old! I bet he’s a cutie. Haven’t seen so much as a picture of Ava Lynn – hopefully Rodger & Sam will bring us a picture from Stevie. We shall see.

Day 2 – Los Angeles (4th of July)

Our second day in L.A. started out at Universal Studios. Between the parking lot and the park, there is a long stretch of restaurants and shops called City Walk. Rory and I found a kiosk that was selling all types of hats – he bought a striped black fedora and I bought a turquoise & black plaid newsboy hat. We stopped at some of the gift shops as well, and I was able to find a California magnet – I get a magnet from every new state that I visit (in the shape of the state) and they are not always easy to find, so I was excited to find one so quickly.

Once inside the park, we went straight for the Studio Tour (at Shane’s suggestion). The line was long, but the wait wasn’t. A tip to anyone taking the Studio Tour – get a seat on the left side of the tram! Everything, and I mean everything, was on the left side. Rory had the best seat, so he got the best pictures. It was an awesome tour, though – we saw the sound stages where all kinds of tv shows and movies are filmed, like CSI (sound stage 25) and Heroes (sound stage 27, we think, based on the huge billboard). We also saw the Bates Motel, Wisteria Lane, and the crash site from War of Worlds. And so much more.

After the Studio Tour, we walked around the park, ate lunch, and decided to head out to do something else before our night at the Hollywood Bowl. We ended up driving out to Malibu via the Malibu Canyon. We saw a brush fire up on the side of a big hill that had apparently just started, but was quite big, on our way through the canyon. We know it had recently started, because we passed fire trucks racing to get to it. We drove along the coast in Malibu, but didn’t have time to get out and spend time there. We did make a stop to take a few pictures before heading back toward L.A. via the Topanga Canyon.

By the time we got to Hollywood, people were already parking and walking to the Hollywood Bowl for the night’s show (the 4th of July Fireworks Spectacular). We drove along Hollywood Blvd, parked at a church (we later learned it was the church in Sister Act), and walked to Subway to get subs to take with us to the show. It was a good hike up to the Hollywood Bowl. The show was featuring the LA Dodgers and Randy Neumann. It was fun, the fireworks were great, and we were exhausted again by the time it was over (around 10 pm). So it was back to the hotel after another great day in L.A.

I was able to add some pics.

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  1. My grandmother would buy my brother Joshua state magnets every time she visited a new state. He was obsessed with geography was he was younger. She nearly visited all the states before she passed away.

    I always thought those Studio Tours looked cool. That's a shame that everything was only on one side.

    Poopies to Blogger for not letting you upload pictures.