Thursday, August 7, 2008


My absolute favorite tv show this summer has been Wipeout, and I just heard the excellent news that its been renewed for a 2nd season. If you haven't seen it, you must give it a shot (Tuesday nights at 8 on ABC). If you don't find yourself laughing hysterically by the end of the episode, you simply are not human. It is, no doubt, the dumbest and most mindless show on television right now, but it is also the most entertaining. The show starts out with 24 contestants who must qualify by making good time on a water obstacle course, The Qualifier, which includes obstacles such as the Sucker Punch and the Big Balls. The top twelve qualifiers will go on to compete in The Sweeper. On The Sweeper, the contestants stand on 10-ft pedestals, all in a circle, and a huge "sweeper" bar comes around to try to knock them off. They must jump over the sweeper bar and land back on the pedestal. If they fall in the water, they are eliminated. The Sweeper bar gets faster and higher each time it goes around. The top 6 contestants will move on to Round 3, which will either be the Dizzy Dummy or the Dreadmill. The final four contestants go on the the Wipeout Zone, which is the final obstacle course. The best time wins. Watch it. You will laugh....a lot.

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  1. Shane and I watched that show one night and he loved it! He was laughing so hard he had tears coming out of his eyes. I agree it is very funny!