Tuesday, August 12, 2008

You cut me deep, Doc. You cut me real deep...

So last week I had to go back to the dermatologist because I'd noticed a new spot on my arm. Turns out that it wasn't skin cancer (thank goodness), but there were "atypical cells" present, and they decided to remove it anyway. I already had an appointment with the skin surgeon on Friday to have laser scar treatment on my chest, so they said they could do my arm as well. I thought they would just have to cut out a little extra and stick a bandaid over it. Oh no. I have about a 2-inch gash on my arm now where he cut out an apparent humungous chunk of skin, then sewed it back up. I cannot see why that was necessary, but he's a well-reputed doctor, so I guess he knows what he's doing. If it weren't so gross-looking, I would post a picture. Scott can't even look at it without getting light-headed. Once he finished on my arm, he was supposed to do the laser on my chest. He took a look at it and decided to "change direction" and cut me open again and sew me back up. So I left his office 2 1/2 hrs later with a gashed arm and a cut-up chest, knowing that when the anesthesia wore off, I would be in too much pain to do anything. My weekend was shot. So much for helping Scott with the bathroom!

Friday night and Saturday morning were the worst, as far as pain goes. By Saturday afternoon, my chest didn't hurt too much, and by Sunday, the pain in my arm was almost gone as well. As long as I don't move the wrong way, I don't even notice the wounds anymore. I'm a little concerned about the one on my chest, though, becuase it doesn't look right to me. It looks like it could either be infected, or maybe the stitches came a loose. I can't tell, but I left a message with the nurse to call me about it.

So, Scott finished putting the tile in the bathroom! He still has to grout, but we are going to paint before we do that because we feel like we should have a full day to work on the grout. Maybe we will do that on Sunday when we get back from Lynchburg.

We're heading to Lynchburg this weekend for Mandy's birthday. I'm excited, because I feel like its been AGES since I've been home to visit. I think the last time I went home may have been back in May, but I'm not sure. Scott is going to take a half-day off on Friday, so we will head down in the afternoon and try to get there a little early. Mandy's birthday dinner is Friday night. On Saturday, we are having lunch at her and Shane's house to discuss a family vacation for next year. I love planning a vacation! Scott and I plan to go to Disney sometime in February, but we aren't sure how much we want to spend. I really wanted to stay at the Animal Kingdom resort, but its a bit expensive, so we may go another route.

We haven't made any plans yet for Labor Day Weekend. Wonder what everyone is doing?


  1. Hey Blakelyn -

    I am sorry you are having such a hard time with your skin. Gosh, I didn't know all of that was going on. Are you still in any pain now?

    The bathroom sounds like it is coming along great. I can't wait to see it.

    I don't think we have any plans for Labor Day. I am off Aug 30th - Sept 1st. I am not sure what Shane's schedule is going to be. I do know we are leaving for the beach the following Friday.

    I guess I will see you on Friday night :)


  2. Ugh you poor girl. I do hope you heal quickly and that the wound is not infected.

    I bet you guys will be glad when you are done with the bathroom.