Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Bathroom!

Well what a weekend we had. (<-- Alliteration!)

On Friday afternoon, as planned, I had lunch at the Nordstrom Cafe. My favorite lunch is the Shi-Crab Soup and the Chicken & Strawberries salad. YUMMY. After eating, I spent a fortune on bras at Nordstrom, because they are one of the few places that actually carry my size. I spent a fortune, but I do consider it an investment. I bought a strapless ($69) and a sports bra ($54), both of which I really needed, and both of which actually fit me. After shopping, I went to get my nails done and thoroughly enjoyed my pedicure. I needed it badly.

We had dinner at the Manakin Grill with Steve & Phu on Friday night. It was really nice (and a bit expensive, to be honest), but it was nice to go out on a "double date". After dinner, they came back to our place and we showed them our California pictures and gave them a "thank-you" gift for taking care of our house and Simba while we were gone.

Speaking of Simba, at his vet appointment last week, the doctor prescribed him a new kind of food, which is hypoallergenic. The first night we gave it to him, which was Wednesday night, he ate the whole bowl of it. After that, he refused to touch it, or even go near it. We thought he might be sick, so we gave him some of his old food just to make sure he would eat. He had no problem eating that, it was just the new food he didn't want. We called the vet on Friday morning, and she said Simba was probably holding out to see if something better would come along, and that cats rarely starve themselves, so we should let him go through the weekend and see if he would eat it. Well, by Monday morning, he hadn't eaten anything since Thursday night. Scott and I felt so bad for him. I called the vet again and they said they had another food we could try. I wasn't able to go yesterday, so I left the house early this morning, went to the vet and exchanged the food, and took it back to the house. Simba ate it right up! I'm hoping he will continue to eat this food.

So back to the weekend....on Saturday morning, Scott and I went to the Ferguson Kitchen & Bath showroom. We wanted to remodel the guest bathroom. They had some really awesome stuff in there! We found a couple things we liked, and decided to leave there and go to the Tile Shop. We found some really nice natural stone tile called Bucak Medley and decided to go ahead and get it. We got home, and completely gutted the guest bathroom (with the exception of the tub)! Scott spent the rest of the weekend cutting tile (he rented a tile saw from Sunbelt). We decided that instead of putting the tile in square, we would put it in on an angle, as it makes the room look bigger. This made the tile cutting all the more complicated, so it has taken a little longer than we'd hoped. But I think we can finish the room this weekend. The color theme will be chocolate brown and steel blue. I can't wait to do the painting. We still have to pick out a vanity, a new toilet, and a light fixture. Then all the small accessories. It's going to be REALLY nice by the time we are done, though.


  1. The bathroom sounds like it is going to be very nice. I can't wait to see it. I am sure you are thrilled.

  2. I always hate shopping for bras it always seems I can't find one that fits well. Pfft!

    I hope Simba is eating his new food.

    And yahoo for the new guest bathroom.