Monday, April 13, 2009

Girl's Weekend

This past weekend was the annual get-together with my friends from college, Amber & Rena. Every year since we graduated, we have planned a weekend get-together in one of our prospective cities. This year, we headed to Rena's current residence in Washington DC. (Arlington, to be more specific).

Amber arrived in Richmond in late afternoon on Thursday after a long drive from South Carolina. We decided to take advantage of the nice day, and went for a long walk around my neighborhood. She says we walked 2.8 miles according to her pedometer. I fixed baked ziti for dinner and we spent the evening playing Wii.

The next morning, we left for DC and arrived at Rena's about lunchtime. We grabbed some lunch, then decided to head to Tyson's Corner for some shopping. We were expecting it to rain, so indoor activities seemed appropriate enough (ironically, it turned out to be a beautiful day with no rain). The mall was enormous, so we were there for a few hours. We were ready for some downtime before dinner, so we went back to Rena's and watched Twilight before going out for sushi for dinner (and The Melting Pot for dessert).

On Saturday, we slept in, partially due to the fact that it was pouring down rain outside. We took our time getting ready, and Rena fixed us pancakes for breakfast. Then we headed over to the Newseum (and Rena's friend Jackie joined us). The Newseum was very interesting, but also quite depressing after a while. They had a room with Pulitzer Prize winning photographs, another dedicated to 9/11 (which included a piece of one of the towers), and a room detailing the last 500 years of news. There was much more that we didn't even have time to see.

We were starving due to skipping lunch, so we had an early dinner at a nice Italian restaurant, then went back to Rena's for more downtime. We watched Slumdog Millionaire (or as the host would day, "mil-uhn-air") and How To Lose a Guy in 10 Days. We left about 10:45 on Sunday morning, after breakfast at Bruegger's Bagels, and got back to Richmond around 12:45. Amber left shortly after to head back to S.C.

I also finished my book, Sarah's Key, over the weekend, which Mandy had loaned to me and was our book club book this month. Speaking of books, check out my new Goodreads widgets on the right. you can see what books I'm reading, as well as those I've read. I've just started Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert. Both Amber & Rena were reading it over the weekend, so I was motivated to start it. I'd found it at a yard sale a couple weeks ago for $1.

So back to work this morning. I've only got a 4-day week, but its going to be a busy one. We leave on Friday for Texas - yay! I'm ready for the vacation.

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