Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sorry again...

I'm not doing a very good job of blogging every day. And the only reason I haven't started blogging about the Texas trip is because my pictures are being held for ransom on Scott's external hard drive. He has some CIA-quality security on the thing, so I need his help to access them. There are 2 weeks until the big car show, and I haven't bothered interrupting his "work on the car" time yet to get them.

This weekend I'm going to Lynchburg. I'm supposed to be doing a yard sale on Saturday morning at Anne & Scotty's, as their neighborhood is having a big yard sale. But I hear its supposed to rain. I haven't actually looked at the weather myself, but that's what I'm told. What a bummer. I need to get things together tonight so I can leave tomorrow.

We are also celebrating my dad's birthday and Mother's Day this Sunday. Both real dates are next weekend, but since Rory and I are going home this weekend, it made sense to go ahead and celebrate. Scott will be staying in Richmond to work on the car, so hopefully he can get more done without me moping around wishing he was giving me more attention. Haha.

I've been catching up on Heroes episodes. I had episodes saved all the way back to the beginning of March, and now I'm only about 3 episodes behind, I think. Also watched Lost last night, which was awesome. I should start blogging about my tv shows. Hmmm...

I'm so glad this week is almost over. It's been impossible getting out of bed in the morning and dragging into work. So I'm very thankful that tomorrow is Friday!

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