Wednesday, April 1, 2009

iPod Touch!

So I forgot to post pictures of the kitchen. Truth is, I haven't taken any yet, but I will get around to it. Maybe this weekend.

I got an iPod Touch! It was my gift to myself that I used with part of the money from my bonus at work. It was truly an impulse purchase (though I did sleep on it first), but definitely worth it. I love that it has wifi capabilities, so its almost like a miniature computer that fits in my purse. I've not gone too crazy with the apps, but I did get an eReader, a few games, and things like Facebook, UrbanSpoon, some news sites, and the new Skype app that came out yesterday (which I haven't gotten to use yet). Now I just need some music. I ripped all of my cd's and put them on it, but admittedly that wasn't very many, and hardly anything current. I'm trying NOT to run up a ridiculous bill on iTunes.

Two and a half weeks till we go to Texas. I can't wait! I'm excited, and I need a vacation. I think it will be fun. We have a full itinerary, so we will definitely be busy. I'm sure there will be many blog posts once we get back detailing the trip.

Well, I better get going. Until next time...

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  1. You will extremely enjoy your iPod! It is great timing since we go on vacation in a few weeks :)