Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

I'll take a short break from my Texas updates to write about Memorial Day weekend.

Friday night, my mother-in-law arrived on the train about 8 pm. We grabbed subs for dinner before heading back home for the evening. We spent most of the day Saturday working out in the yard. Scott was mulching, and I was cleaning up lawn furniture, putting new sand in the sandbox, etc. It was humid, but we still enjoyed being outside all day. Sunday morning, I woke up early to get a head-start on cooking. My parents came around 10, and by noon, all the guests were arriving for the cookout.

We had plenty of food and games. I even got one of those fancy Edible Arrangements, because I've always wanted an excuse to buy one. Haha. The kids had a great time on the playset - I had no idea kids could be entertained for so many hours with a sand box and a sliding board. We had a great turnout of people - all my family from Lynchburg, as well as mine and Scott's friends and coworkers came out.

After most people left, we celebrated Scott's birthday with some ice cream cake. Shannon, Eric and Connor were able to stay to celebrate with Bonnie, Rory, Anne, Scotty, Scott and I.

On Monday, we dropped off Bonnie at the train station, and had a nice relaxing birthday for Scott. We went to Steve & Phu's so Scott could help with their sprinkler system, and they fixed us lunch. Then I went shopping in the afternoon while Scott went for a ride in his car. Rory came over about 6:00 or so, and we all went to dinner at Firebirds. We sat outside because it was such a nice evening. It was a great end to the weekend.

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