Thursday, May 7, 2009

Paperback Swap

Add another website to my growing list of favorite sites! I just signed up for, which is a really great website for avid readers. Here's how it works:

To start out, you post 10 paperback books to your account that you are willing to ship (for about $2.20 via media mail) to any member who wants to have them. Once you have posted your 10 books, you will receive credits on your account that you can use to "order" books from other members. They will ship them to you at no cost to you. So the more books you post, the more credits you get. The service is free and its a great way to get the books you want. The only fee is the shipping fee for the books you ship out. If you sign up, put me down as a referral (my username is blakelyn) and add me as a friend. It's perfect if you are in a book club, and have to buy books that you wouldn't normally buy.

So I've finally sorted through my Texas photos and picked the best ones. Will begin posting in the next day or so about the trip.

1 comment:

  1. I work with people who use this site. They absolutely love it. I just have a hard time giving up my books.