Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Week's Recap

Yay! Today is the last day of work before a long weekend. I'm quite excited. Scott and I are heading to Lynchburg this weekend to see my family. I think this might be the first time he's been to Lynchburg since Christmas, and my first time since May. Tomorrow, Mandy and I are going to do some scrapbooking and plan Amy's bridal shower, then Saturday my parents are having a cookout for the 4th. My dad plans to take Rory and Scott to the D-Day Memorial on Saturday morning. I've never been to it myself, so I may tag along.

Things have been extremely busy at work this week. I've been working closely with one of the PM's on a big project, and starting next week he will be out on medical leave until the end of July. In his absence, I will be in charge of the project, so next week is going to be even crazier.

Last weekend, Scott and I went to The Homestead for our anniversary. It was no nice! Even the drive up there was beautiful, and we took our time making quite a few stops along the way to see the scenery. The resort itself is gorgeous. I've never stayed anywhere like that before. Our room was gorgeous, and it even had its own porch. They served tea every afternoon from 3-4pm, so we were able to enjoy that the first day. Then we had dinner at Sam Snead's Tavern that evening - it was DELICIOUS. They had an amazing breakfast buffet the next morning with homemade donuts and every breakfast food you could imagine. They had the best fruit. I'd love to go back sometime and do that again. Some pictures are posted below.

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