Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Mystery Noise

There's a strange noise coming from my car. It sounds like something exploding, and it happens about 1 minute after I start driving. It sounds like it may be coming from my glove compartment.

This all started last Saturday when I was leaving the house to go to yard sales. As I was rounding the corner out of my neighborhood, I heard a "pop!". I thought I'd hit something in the road, but in my rear-view mirror, there was nothing there. Since then, I have heard the noise every single time I drive my car, and it always takes about the same amount of time before the noise is heard.

Its THE most bizarre thing ever. Scott doesn't have a clue either, and he's been sitting in the passenger seat when it happens. I'm tempted to get a video of it and post it here to see if anyone else knows what it could be. It sounds like a small explosion, like air pressure being released very suddenly.

I have to solve this mystery.

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