Monday, August 17, 2009

New Laptop!

I did it. I finally bought a Dell Inspiron Mini 10V in Promise Pink!! I've been saving up, and finally on Friday, Scott and I agreed that I could buy one. I think he's a teeeeeensy bit jealous that I will have a nicer netbook than he has. LOL. And he hates the fact that its pink, but that's what I wanted. Woo!

Also this weekend, we all went to the Outlets in Williamsburg, and Anne and I bought each other Coach bags for our birthdays. Haha! We justified our purchases by buying them for each other, instead of for ourselves. Aren't we sneaky? I had a coupon for an additional 20% off an entire purchase. I got a black leather Coach bag that was originally over $300. It was marked down to $249, then an additional 50% off of that, bringing it to $125. THEN I had my 20% coupon, so it was only $100! Anne's bag was originally $428, and when all was said and done, she got it for $85. NICE. I can't wait till my birthday, now. :-)

They opened a Bare Essentuals outlet store in Williamsburg, too. OMG its amazing. They have so many kits that are discontinued that are SUCH a great bargain! Between Coach and Bare Essentuals, Anne and I had a field day.

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  1. yay! Have fun with your netbook. It's cute :)

    I desperately need a new purse as well. But even with crazy discounts, I can't justify buying a nice brand because I beat them up on the train. But that's a nice discount.