Thursday, June 12, 2008


When I was in college, Nannie wrote to me every week. "Dear Angel, Just a note to let you know we are thinking of you as always...." That is how each letter started. And they always ended with "G.I.W.O.Y." ("God Is Watching Over You"). It cracked me up that she used an acronym, because it seemed like something people MY age did, not people her age. She always told me before I left for college, "I'm going to write you every week, and you don't have to write back because you will be busy with your studies." I still have every letter and card she sent me, including the cutouts of angels she put in each one, and I put them in chronological order after she passed away. She never missed a week until perhaps my senior year when she started showing signs of dementia. When she passed away last fall, my biggest regret was that I never wrote her back. Would it really have been that hard? Was I really too busy? No, I was just young and selfish.

Last night, I called Linette to see how she was doing. I hardly ever call her, but I really enjoyed talking to her. She got to talking about Nannie & Papa, when they started dating, and how Papa wrote Nannie letters when he was in the service. She said they were all in a cedar chest at the house. Then she told me she went through some of Nannies things, and that there was a letter from me in there. "A letter from me? When did I write it?" I asked her. She said, "When you were in college." This was music to my ears. I wrote Nannie back! It may have been just one time, which is not nearly enough, but at least I wrote her back. Thank goodness. In four years, all I could muster was one measly letter, but one letter is better than no letter. She kept it and it must have meant a lot to her. I'd love to see it, because I wonder what I wrote about.

I have my CT Scan today at 1:30. I'm not allowed to eat anything - just clear liquids. I'm going to be starving. And I'm supposed to drink 24 oz by 12:30 today. That's going to be difficult. I've had a thing of Jello and some of a bottle of Sprite. I need to go get a bottle of water and try to down that. I'll be glad with this thing is over.

Laura & Bryan will be coming over for dinner tonight. We are going to cook out on the grill. Should be a fun time - we don't spend as much time with them as we'd like.

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