Tuesday, June 3, 2008

This and That

So I added a picture to my blog, in case you guys don't know what I look like. I'm not sure who would be reading my blog that doesn't know what I look like, but whatever.

We FINALLY got the rosebushes planted in the back - I have 3 of them now. One is called "Sexy Rexy" and the other two are "Pretty Lady". The "Pretty Ladies" just started blooming this week - they are so pretty. My mom gave me a Begonia hanging plant that is red - we put it on our back deck, and it looks really nice.

I am hoping I will be able to go to the scrapbooking crop this Friday night. I have SO MUCH scrapbooking to do! I have to finish the Cookout pages, then I need to go back and finish our honeymoon, do my showers (3 of them), and then jump WAY back to finally do my Europe one. Once I get those done, I will be mostly caught up. I'd like to catch up before we take our trip to California, because that will be another one I'll have to do! And, I'll want to do at least 1 page for our 1-year anniversary.

That reminds me - we need some cake to eat. We forgot to freeze ours, and it went bad. Too bad the cake-maker is in Lynchburg...hmmm. She still owes me a square wedding cake.

So I have a Yard Sale coming up on June 14th - I am going to go with my friend from work to her church out in West Point. I'm excited, because we have a bunch of stuff to get rid of! I need to start getting everything together.

Other than that, the month of June is looking pretty free. It's exciting to have free time to fill.


  1. I like the name 'Sexy Rexy' for a rosebush. Haha.

  2. I also like the names of your rosebushes haha. "Pretty Ladies" reminds me of the "Pink Ladies" from Grease =P

  3. Ha! Thanks...that's their real names, too. I didn't go around thinking up names for my rosebushes, just so you know.