Thursday, June 5, 2008

"24 hours won't make a difference, anyway""

So for the past 3-4 weeks, I've had an apparent constant bladder infection, with symptoms coming and going. The symptoms came back in full force yesterday. I called my doctor's office and asked for an appointment, and the nurse (Jenny) told me they could not fit me in until the next day at 11 (today). I told her that I was concerned about getting a kidney infection, because I am prone to those, and wondered if my doctor could call in a prescription for antibiotics to hold me over until my appointment. She said he would not do that, and that "24 hours isn't going to make a difference anyway". So I asked if she could leave a message for him to call me, and she told me they were very busy and he did not have time. At this point, I was very upset with her - she wasn't taking me seriously - and so I told her that I would have to go to Patient First (this is one of those medical centers that are open 365 days a year, and open until late at night) because I did not feel that I should wait and risk a kidney infection. She said "that's up to you if you feel you need to do that." I knew that my doctor would be upset if he knew how she was treating me, but she wouldn't let me talk to him. Frustrated, I hung up with her and left work early to go to Patient First. I know my body, and I knew the bladder infection had gone on for far too long.

They tested my urine and prescribed me an antibiotic. I went home and took the first pill and started cooking dinner. Before I was finished cooking, I started getting back pain and started feeling sick. Know what that means? A kidney infection! WONDERFUL. So I called Patient First and they told me to come right back and they would check me in and have me seen right away. They gave me a shot in my hip (ouch, by the way) and told me to complete the medication they had already prescribed, drink lots of fluids, and keep them updated on how I was doing. I was very impressed with their service, to be honest.

So this morning, I could not WAIT to call little Miss Jenny at my doctor's office, and let her know that 24 hours most certainly does make a difference. She had the nerve to say "Well I am so glad you got that taken care of, Ms. Tindall". I told her that I didn't see a reason for me to come into the office, but that I would like to speak with my doctor, and if that meant I had to come in and pay a $15 co-pay just to speak to him for 5 minutes, I would do it. She said she'd have him call me. LOL. So when my doctor called, he had already heard a little bit about what had happened, but definitely not the whole story - all he knew was that I had gone to Patient First and that it turned out to be a kidney infection. When I told him the whole story, he was very upset - he never got the message that I asked for him to call me, and he said that their policy is to always fit in a patient with a bladder infection the same day. What he was most upset about was that I was forced to go to Patient First for treatment, and had even told Jenny that I was going there. Let's just say that girl was in so much trouble.

So that was a long story, but the good news is that I'm doing a bit better. For those who aren't familiar with kidney infections, they are very serious. I had to be hospitalized multiple times when I was a kid for kidney infections, so its not something I take lightly. I'm sure the next time I call my doctor's office, I will get better treatment!


  1. Oh, I hope your infection clears up soon, Blakelyn. I've never had a kidney infection myself (my cat did once, though *laughs*) but I'm sure it's nasty.

    I'm glad you ensured your doctor got the full story about Jenny, though - and that he was concerned. Bad service is a nightmare anyway, but when it's in a medical situation it can be downright dangerous!