Monday, June 2, 2008


We had the dedication for my grandparents on Saturday afternoon. It was really nice - my dad had planned out how each of the grandchildren would participate. Amy and Leah would water Nannie's tree, and I would place the dedication plaque in front of it. Shane & Rory would raise the flag for Papa, and Damous would place the plaque in front of the flagpole. Scotty said a prayer, and he and Linette said a few words about Nannie and Papa. After the dedication, Amy & Buzzy pulled me aside and gave me a gift from Nannie - one of her diamond rings. Buzzy says that Nannie talked a long time ago about Amy and I having her diamonds. I'm so pleased to have it, and I plan to go today to the jeweler to have them clean and resize if for me. I wish I knew the story behind it - was it her engagement ring? Did she inherit it from someone else? It's a beautiful ring, and I'm ecstatic that Nannie wanted me to have it.

After the dedication, we ate and played Badmitton and Ladderball. Such fun! Then, later that night, Mandy and I did some scrapbooking. I did a few pages from the cookout, and also one for Scott's birthday. I am hoping that Mandy and Shane will be able to come up this weekend to visit so that Mandy and I can do more scrapbooking. There is a crop at the Memories Galore store that I'd like to go to. I ordered pictures from Snapfish last night to use this coming weekend.

That reminds me - for anyone who orders pictures from Snapfish, you simply MUST sign up for Ebates! Ebates is a cash-back site, its completely free, and totally legitimate. The way it works is whenever you intend to make an online purchase, you go to and look for a referral link to the store you are purchasing from (Snapfish is a great example, but they have hundreds of other online stores, like Target, Sears, etc.) If you use the referral link from Ebates for Snapfish, you get 10% cash back. That's a big discount! Every 3 months, Ebates sends you a check for the cashback you have received. I've so far earned $86 cashback. I used Ebates when I ordered our dining room furniture from Target (got $30 cashback!), and also when I ordered Scott's birthday gift from Sears (I got him a table saw, and ordered it online using the Ebates referral link, then chose "in-store pickup" instead of shipping). Its really quite awesome. If you are interested in signing up, I'd appreciate if you used my referral so I get credit for referring you - just click on one of the links in pink above. Right now, you get $10 just for signing up!

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