Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Books and a Hammock

I have so many books to read. I wish I could take a week off, and just read books. Although, the truth is that if I actually had a week off, I probably would not spend it reading books, at least not entirely. I would feel like I wasted my week if all I did was read books.

Every weekend, I come home from yard sales with more books. My shelf is overflowing, I have so many! And these aren't just any books - these are practically-brand-new, only-read-one-time, New-York-Times-Bestseller-list books. Any book-lover would have a field day picking something out from my shelves. I feel like I will never be able to read them all. But I'm going to try.

Yesterday, I ordered a hammock from Pottery Barn. (I ordered it in Green Tonal Stripe). I had been debating a garden swing, a glider, and this past weekend while sitting on my deck, I decided that what I really want is a hammock. Its a much more comfortable option, and it can also be put away and stored when necessary. I can't wait for it to arrive. I've been waiting with bated breath all day for a shipping confirmation. I hope its here by the weekend, so I can spend the weekend reading in my new hammock. I wonder if its big enough for 2 people? Because if not, Scott and I may be fighting over who gets to use it. We have the perfect spot for it, in between the playset and the shed. Its nice and shady there, and the previous owners already had a hammock there so there are hooks for us to use. It's going to be fantastic.


  1. Looks like it would be big enough for two. We used to have a hammock and would cram two people on there, and it didn't look nearly as wide. Man, I miss that hammock. Good investment :)

  2. That hammock looks great - I am sure you will enjoy it! Maybe Simba can get on it too :)