Tuesday, June 16, 2009

TV, Books, and Church

I've been watching all the seasons of The Office, and I'm now on Season 4. I had seen the pilot episode when the show first aired, and I thought it was the dumbest thing I'd ever seen. But it's so popular, I felt I had to give it another shot, so I started watching Season 1 on Netflix. By the 3rd episode, I was hooked. The show is hilarious! I guess Season 5 just ended in the Spring, so hopefully by the time I finish Season 4, it will be available on DVD.

I'm reading The Namesake by Jhumpa Lahiri. It is SUCH a great book. Its about the life of a boy whose parents are from India. Their marriage was arranged, and they moved to the US immediately after getting married. The boy, Gogol, is born in the US and grows up an American. His parents do not understand his American lifestyle, and he does not understand theirs. It gives a great insight into the challenges this type of family will face. Once I finish the book, I'll have to rent the movie.

The weekend was good. We watched a movie at home on Friday night, then I went to Williamsburg with Rory on Saturday afternoon while Scott worked in the garage. That night, we all went to see Land of the Lost (which was, quite possibly, the weirdest movie I have ever seen) and then ate dinner at BW3's. They opened a new frozen yogurt place by the movie theater called Sweet Frog, so I tried that out. It's a pretty cool setup - you pick the size you want, then go around and fill up your cup with any flavor yogurt you want (self-serve). Then they have a bar area that has all kinds of toppings. At the register, they weight your yogurt and you pay by the ounce. It's not even very expensive, either.

On Sunday, Scott and I tried out a new church with Laura & Bryan. It was the first church we had been to in Richmond, and it was long overdue. The church wasn't a good fit for us - it was a bit too casual and contemporary - but we plan to try another one this coming Sunday on Father's Day. I'm looking forward to it, and hoping we have better luck this time.

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  1. Good luck with the church hunting =]

    Oh and Mina and Saskia are friends *is amused that you thought they were pets*