Monday, October 19, 2009


Happy Monday! I'm faking my enthusiasm, but I figure if I try hard enough to pretend I'm in a good mood about it, maybe it will come true. The power of positive thinking! Sometimes I wonder if my positive attitude is as annoying to others as their negative attitude is to me. I hope so.

Any-hoo. We have begun a new home-renovation project! Yesterday, Scott and I went to Lowe's and bought supplies to start putting built-ins in our "formal" living room. We are converting it to an office/library. So exciting! Not only will it give that room a purpose, but it will also add a significant amount of storage to a home that is very much lacking in the storage area. Great investment in the long run, I believe. Scott was able to build the base, and put the cabinets in place last night. The next task will be to tackle the bookshelves, which Scott says is the hard part. I'll be posting details & "before & after" pictures of the renovation on The Things Girls Love once we finish. I'm incredibly excited to have a place to display all of my books. :-)

In other news, our friends Chris and Keri are moving here soon! Chris will be heading up next weekend, and Keri (and Rebecca) will follow the weekend of Halloween. We are going to help them move. It's so exciting to have friends moving to our area.

Well, it's the beginning of another long week. Hope this one goes by quickly.

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