Thursday, October 1, 2009

U2 Concert

I haven't written much this week. Shame on me! There are so many exciting things going on, too, so I have to catch up. Our weekend in NJ was fun. We've decided to go back up the first weekend in November to visit, since we didn't go see any of Scott's family this past weekend. That is also the weekend before Bonnie's birthday, so we can celebrate with her.

Tonight, we are going to the U2 concert! I am leaving work around 3PM. We hope to leave about 4PM and get to Charlottesville around 5. Shane and Mandy are meeting us at Eric's house - he's going to have pizza waiting there for us. We will probably get back pretty late. Shane and Mandy are heading back to Richmond with us to stay the night, and they are going down to the beach this weekend.

Tomorrow, I'm leaving straight from work to head to Durham to meet Amber :-). I can't wait, its' going to be such a fun weekend. Hokie Football, book signing, and girl time. Can't wait :)

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  1. Hello from GR's! You were just north of my neck of the woods here in NJ! Sounds like a great time! I love this background, they have the cutest stuff there!