Thursday, October 29, 2009

Welcome to Designed to Live!

You may be wondering why you are suddenly following a new blog that you don't remember starting to follow. Fear not! What was previously "Blakelyn's Life" has now become "Designed to Live".

I felt my blog needed a revamp. My life is no longer just about me - it's about my husband as well! The new title of my blog is a spin on the tv show "Designed to Sell". My husband and I love to work on new projects in our home, and over the past 2 years, we have designed it to live. Why wait until we are ready to move, and put all our hardwork and money into something that someone else will enjoy? That's just silly!

So this blog will now partly focus on mine and my husbands home renovation projects. I will post some of our previous projects, current projects, and all the ones we plan to do in the future. I will also continue to update everyone on mine and Scott's day-to-day lives.

Just think of this as a Blog Renovation - the meat and bones are still there, I'm just improving the design :-)


  1. Love it :) The new name rocks and everything looks lovely :)

  2. Love the layout it looks really nice :)